Why Wooden Wicks?

Posted by Crystal DeLoach on Sep 27th 2019

I remember when I first got excited to make candles in Spring of 2017. I chose candles, because I wanted to find a way to support my expensive habit. At that time, I would have my coupons ready every time especially during the holidays there was a sale at my favorite store. So I started researching wicks and what we call in the candle industry "vessels" on how to make them. A vessel is the container used to place the wax in to make the candle. I was completely overwhelmed at all of the choices. I spent a ton of money testing different wicks and vessel sizes. I'm sure my husband and my wallet would not like to remember those numbers.So, I kept going in the process, and was requested by a customer to make candle favors for an event. I didn't think I was ready but I took the chance anyway. Lots of prayers went into this and I recommend waiting until you are comfortable to complete the process. I made the favors, and they were a hit! Everyone loved how they smelled and burned and all I kept thinking was how??? I couldn't smell a thing. That's the thing about making candles, you can become what is called "nose blind" (another industry term) from smelling scents too much. After that event, I realized that I needed a better way to make candles because it had gotten expensive. So I kept researching with a few books, but I wasn't satisfied that I had enough information so I stopped production for a little while.

One day while at dinner with my husband, we were at Cracker Barrel, I looked at the candle section and saw the wooden wick candles. I thought they were really cool and how different they were, so once again I went back to research vault I went. Here's what I found out about wooden wicks:

1. The crackle is enticing. Imagine sitting in your recliner or on the couch with your favorite blanket and a mug of hot tea and reading a book listening to the wooden wick. I'm happy now that fall is here.

2. The wooden wicks burn evenly and cleanly when formulated properly.

3. Wooden wicks are much easier to work with to me, instead of regular wick candles.

After I learned just a few of these facts, I was all in! I went and purchased the needed supplies and with the help from a few candle vets as I like to call them, my business has been going strong ever since.